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Understand the critical factors to your business success. Establish an effective business plan and a relevant marketing strategy to enhance your own business concept.

The business plan

The business plan

The essential points to include in your business plan

The marketing strategy

Maximise your chances of conquering your market with the right approach

Market research

An essential element in defining the relevance of your project

Legal status

Legal status

The fundamental legal basis for the company's existence

Business Structure

Get your business plans off the ground

Discover the best ways to get your business project off the ground with HelloPrimo. Business centres and virtual offices are ideal solutions for improving your visibility, accessing professional services and developing your business in a flexible way.


Virtual office

A new way to collaborate with your team and improve your organisation

Management Style

Make your business project a success by using the right management style

Using a Business Angel

Seeking the help of a business angel is an excellent way to get your business project off the ground. Business angels are experienced investors who can provide you with funding, strategic advice and valuable contacts to develop your business. You can accelerate your growth, increase your visibility and benefit from their expertise in making the right decisions for your business.

Legally forming a partnership

Forming a partnership legally involves creating a contract between the parties involved that defines the terms and conditions of their collaboration. This contract should include elements such as the objectives of the partnership, the responsibilities of each partner, the distribution of profits and losses, etc.

Partnership agreement
If you are planning to enter into a business partnership with another entrepreneur or company, you need a legal document to confirm your willingness to pool your resources and efforts.

Financial audit for companies

The financial audit verifies that the financial statements comply with the accounting standards and tax laws in force. It detects errors or irregularities in the accounts and provides suggestions for improving the financial management of the company. Financial audits are usually carried out by independent auditors, whose task is to give an objective opinion on the fairness and reliability of the company's financial statements.

Managing your business calmly

Manage your business calmly and confidently using effective and modern marketing strategy concepts.


Allows self-employed people and small businesses to work in a common space and share their experience.


Boworking is also a shared workspace but is geared towards entrepreneurs and homeworkers.

Team building

Team building is a way of strengthening the bonds between team members by organising recreational activities.

Community management

Business: how to use social networks well?

To use social media for your business, identify the platforms that are best suited to your business and your target audience.

Social networks are incredibly powerful tools for businesses to develop their online presence and reach new customers. Therefore, it is important to offer relevant content and interact with your followers in a regular and effective way.